Another exciting opportunity

This is a message to employers (and recruitment agencies) across the globe.

I think by now, we all know that having a website is like having an employee that works for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

But what if that employee is working against you, instead of working for you?

Recruiting people into your organisation is an expensive process. The advertising. The search. The sifting through applications and CVs. It all takes time and money, so you want to make sure at the end of it you get the best fit for your organisation in the person that joins the team. Costs mount up if you do not and find yourself having to go through the whole process all over again a couple of months later.

You want to run and grow your business, not be locked in an endless recruitment cycle.

This is why many organisations outsource their recruitment processes, at least in the early stages, to recruitment agencies but how do you know you’ve hired a good one?

For me, as someone looking to get recruited, I want someone who cares about me. Who will take time to understand my requirements and act as a matchmaker between their client and myself.

However, I have noticed one glaring indicator that immediately tells me that I am just a commodity to be traded.

It is all in the advertising.

Why oh why do employers think they can just shrug their shoulders and say to the agency, “Get me someone who can do…..”? Then they walk away from the process.

As a potential employee I know that hiring someone is a bit like getting married. A bad match can be a terrible situation for all involved.

So today I have decided to set you a little piece of homework.

When you are going to select someone to act on your behalf, they are representing you, your brand and your company.

So go to the agency’s website and look at the advertisements already placed there. Is the grammar, punctuation and spelling correct? You will be surprised how many are not. Is that how you want your brand representing?

Secondly, did you just get a cut & paste advertisement for your vacancy? The number of advertisements I have read that start with something along the lines of:

We are pleased to offer this exciting opportunity to…

When you read the rest of the advert the role is presented as anything but exciting.

You deserve better than that.

Remember, how that initial part of your people procurement is handled represents you and your brand just as much as the recruitment agency.

Let the agency do the initial screening but do not sacrifice how your brand is presented to the outside world. You have spent years and many long working days building your brand. Do not let someone else ruin it because they could not invest the time in your key recruitment decisions.


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