I need to rebuild my network

I am looking to rebuild a network of contacts and was wondering if you had any tips. Essentially I need to get my CV or preferably my face, in front of more business owners and those who make hiring decisions.

I was kicking around a few ideas of how I could do that and wondered whether you would classify them as something you think should, or more importantly, should not be done. The last thing I want to do is annoy potential employers whilst trying to introduce myself.

Do? Don’t Do?
Cold Calling on the telephone
Emailing a named contact Emailing a generic mailbox aadress
CV via postal service to named contact CV via postal service to general HR department address
Social encounter
Media appearance
Commenting online on blog posts

There are more ideas to go in the grid, but as a prospective employer, what would be the big NO NO, methods that people should never use?


Your thoughts?

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