I need your recipe help

When you have plenty of money sloshing around, it is easy to come up with lovely tasting meals using the best ingredients.

But what about when there is not plenty of money. Where every purchase eats into your budget?

Food and eating no longer represents a pleasure it comes down to one thing, adding fuel to your body to allow you to keep on functioning.

Recently I have started having ‘heat or eat’ days. Do I keep the room warm, or do I re-fuel my body. It was difficult to start but you get into a routine and it becomes the norm.

As someone who has always enjoyed food, I think my eye has been on the wrong ingredients when I shop. I have already switched to ‘own label’ rather than the branded products. That in itself has saved quite a bit plus, I suspect many of the contents of the packets and tins are virtually the same anyway.

However, I want to get a proper grip on nutrition.

So I have decided to reach out to you for recipes that are cheap, easy to make and nutritious.

Do you have any suggestions for links to food blogs? Cooking blogs? Or are you prepared to share one of your own recipes?

Readership here is growing everyday, so you won’t just be helping me out either.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge.


Your thoughts?

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