The nonsense goes on

This may sound like a rant, but I think I am more bewildered than anything else.

I have been bouncing around the news websites this morning and I came across one (I’ll spare their blushes and not name them) where the entire sidebar was filled with pictures of ‘celebs‘, with the text describing what they were wearing and doing.

I put ‘celebs‘ in italics because frankly I had not heard of any of them.

Now can anyone actually explain to me:

  1. Why I should care about what these ‘celebs‘ are wearing to go shopping?
  2. Why should I care about what they are doing in the pictures?
  3. Why should I care about who they are walking down the street with?

Why have news outlets given up on reporting real news and pump out this mindless drivel?

I am not going to go out and buy a brand of jeans because someone described as being famous was photographed in a pair.

I am not going to go to a particular shop or restaurant just because some Z-lister hungry for publicity was photographed there.

Why can’t people see that this sort of nonsense is just filler material for the news outlets.

Since the advent of ‘reality TV‘ shows, which let’s face it, are anything but real, we have people described as famous just for wandering up and down the street in front of a camera or crew. They don’t have any particular artistic skills. They’re not great actors bringing characters to life. They not contributing to their country or local community. Being famous for, erm, being famous, just highlights what vacuous lives they have and the fact that people buy into this stuff, just feeds their narcissistic tendencies, as well as their bank balances.

It doesn’t stop with news outlets either.

I had the misfortune to catch some daytime TV last week and frankly the quality of programming being broadcast is little more than a babysitter for adults.

The collective IQ of the nation is being destroyed by this rubbish when people can tell you who fell out of a taxi outside a nightclub while drunk, but can’t even tell you how many sides a rectangle has.

Will Britain, responsible for so many great inventions in the past that still shape our lives today, ever be able to be called Great Britain again?


Your thoughts?

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