Reminding myself how lucky I am

I’m feeling a little bit down as the week comes to an end.

Job adverts have been thin on the ground this week and applications even rarer. I caught in a trap where I cannot move to a more vibrant part of the country due to responsibilities for elderly relatives.

It seems jobs I apply for I’m regarded as being over-qualified and hence don’t get a look in. If I keep pursuing the career ladder, then I will have to move to a different region but the relatives are not able to move.

I don’t think I’m alone in this family ties versus work trap.

Occasionally the frustration gets to me and I feel deflated and disappointed. Then I get annoyed with myself because I know there are many in the world much worse off than I am. So I go through this cycle of giving myself a kick up the backside and tell myself to crack on.

I know the elderly relatives care as much about me I do for them, but acting as a carer for two people is hard when you’re trying to get a ‘proper job’. The fact they are relatives makes it even harder. These are the people who above anyone in my world should be invincible because they protected and brought me up.

It is a worry that when the time comes to say goodby to them that my career will be in tatters and I will be too old to rebuild by then.

So may I appeal to people who sift through CVs and application forms, to think not only about the job specification you are trying to fill, but the transferable skills that people later in their careers can bring to the role free of charge. You may find, for the same price, you get more than you bargained for.


Your thoughts?

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