Still no luck on the job front

I’m still not having any luck on the job front and it is grinding me down. It is almost like you become a non-person and cease to have any value in society.

I have always worked and when I’m in a role I really love, I work like a whirling dervish. It is a worry that is sticking with me 24/7 now. I wonder if I freelanced too long to get back in to an organisation.

So why would an organisation want to employ a freelancer who wants to transition back to a staff role?

Quite frankly, because that employer gets much more bang-for-their-buck. Not only do you buy in the skill-set for that corporate role, but you buy in a whole of experience besides. When new start-ups are worrying about being under capitalised, that former freelancer will know the feeling and you will get more out of them to help the situation. When corporates are dealing with inflexible business processes you will find the freelancer can come up with more suggestions on how to streamline things whilst still retaining control and accountability.

As a manager working with a former freelancer in a staff role, you will find the former freelancer sees both sides  to each discussion and can quickly weigh-up the options for going forward. They will put forward solutions rather than raise problems.

So whilst I continue in my hunt for that perfect staff role, I would appreciate any help or advice you could offer to help in making the transformation from freelancer to staff member.

Many thanks for your time.


4 thoughts on “Still no luck on the job front

  1. Bodynsoil

    I’ve taken a break from the working world as well. After reading your post I’m glad I’ve taken a small part-time job in my genre as it keeps me active in the market. I wish you luck in your job search and hope you’re able to find something soon!

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  2. How about take the opportunity to learn new skills? I am also taking a break from work and taking some eLearning courses. Check out edX. You may find something of interest to you. The good thing is that most of the courses are free. All the best!


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