Bin your TV, bring back the books

I don’t have a TV. People find that strange.

I don’t have a TV and I have no intention of getting one because, having done without one for years I sincerely believe they are damaging to society.

The Problem

You only have to look at the level of programming that is put out by the broadcasters who have a strangle hold on the digital TV multiplexors, that something is dreadfully wrong in our society.

We have people going without food, sleeping on the streets, yet the nation obsesses about a cooking show.

With the advent of small high resolution digital video cameras, there are endless possibilities for TV creativity with ever reducing production costs. Yet, we are never shown the true horrors of war. Do you think the people would allow our armed forces to be misused to fight for corporate as opposed to Sovereign interests if we were?

Parents use the TV as digital babysitters. Just plonking their toddlers in front of the big screen and exposing them to goodness knows what content that is suitable for a child to see.

TV is used to manipulate public opinion. Biased news channels try to skew your way of thinking to what suits their shareholders, corporate owners and political friends. Yet most of the public just let it wash over them, quietly penetrating their sub-conscious minds.

Need I go on?

The Solution

Books on the other hand take effort to read. Reading increases attention span. Picking up a book allows you to make a conscious decision which book you are going to read. You never walk into a library and find a librarian say “We only have fifty books that you can read and you must read them when we say they are available.

Reading books promotes creativity and sparks the imagination. Your own brain forms images of the characters involved which are unique to you. It is a very personal thing to read a book. Paradoxically, it can be a very sociable thing to read, taking part in book groups / clubs.

Of course getting rid of your TV does not mean you have to give up on visual content.

Video on demand services such as NetFlix and Amazon Prime Video put you in control. You select what you watch. You decide when. Like reading you set out on your own journey of discovery and bypass the Broadcast Corporation gatekeepers.

The Challenge

So I want to issue a challenge. Switch your TV off and keep it off for 48 hours. Join your local library and take out a book. A real book. A physical book.

If you can break the habit of watching TV for two weeks, then chances are you are ready to get rid of it.


One thought on “Bin your TV, bring back the books

  1. TV – switched off a LOOOOOOOOONG ago! Though, I didn’t immediately switched to books, I did a whole lot of things with my time. For now, I have ditched my mobile as well.
    Tried switching off the internet, too, but couldn’t. 🙂

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