#Brexit result must be honoured or Parliament makes itself obsolete

In June 2006, the UK held a constitutionally constructed referendum, approved by an Act of Parliament, on whether the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland should remain a member of the European Union (EU) or become an independent Sovereign Nation again.

The majority of people voted to leave the EU and become a Sovereign Nation once again.

Following today’s ruling by the High Court, it appears the path to frustrate and block the will of the people may have begun.

Members of Parliament are always very keen to claim a ‘representative democracy’ exists in the UK. So if the Government fails to overturn today’s decision in the Supreme Court, MPs have a duty to represent the will of the people and facilitate a swift and expeditious track for the legislation to pass.

Should MPs decide ‘they know better‘ and try to block leaving the EU, they break the covenant Parliament has with the people. It will be a breach of public trust that will never be repaired. They will fracture the country into the Remain and Leave camps and ultimately I can see that divide leading to mass civil-disobedience. Nobody in their right minds would suggest that is the best future for our country.

So I would say to any MP who is considering trying to obstruct or block the result of the June 2016 referendum. Think carefully. Do you want your gravy train of high salaries, gold plated pensions and very generous expenses to continue? If you do, you have no option but to carry out the will of the people you claim your representative democracy represents.

The people are watching closely.


Your thoughts?

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