How weird is too weird?

We all have our little quirks and nuances don’t we? Well whether you’re prepared to admit it or not, we do. I know I do. From my hobbies, to the books I read, to the fact I don’t have a TV. People have told me I’m eccentric, quirky even.

But when does quirky become weird? And how weird is too weird for a potential employer.

We all want to stand out from the crowd when looking for work. Yet there are some people who take standing out to a new level.

As someone desperately looking for work, I would look fairly conventional at interview. Best, no make that my only suit, collar and tie, clean and polished shoes etc. A typical office bod. But is that enough? Am I just another faceless suit in a long line of faceless suits?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not about to dye my hair bright red or blue, but how do you stand out when making that all important first impression?

The broad smile? The firm handshake?

What is it I should be doing to make someone ask “Oh what about that one who……?”


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