Autumnal road-trip planning

I love where I live. I really like being at home. But I relish the prospect of travel. I have been very lucky to have traveled to many countries and grew up in a family where my parents believed travel was as beneficial as formal education in shaping viewpoints and experiencing the world.

So having cast the net far and wide, I have ended up thinking more about travelling around my own country.

Long before the word ‘staycation‘ came into use, I realised the scale of the number of places I had yet to visit in my own land. There is so much history here in the UK, so many castles, historical houses and places it would be impossible to take them all in during one lifetime.

Whilst people from abroad head to London and spend their time in the UK there, they miss so many of people and places that make our country a fabulous place to visit. (Don’t spend more that a couple of days in London is my advice.)

So I have decided, once funds permit again, to start making regular road-trips and document my travels. Maybe, just maybe I will put a book together.

Spending two weeks on a beach, in some faraway exotic place, may seem the idyllic holiday for many. For me beach holidays are just time I will never get back. Give me culture, history, meeting people who are not used to meeting tourists, give me new experiences in new places. For me that is so much more exciting than worrying about when to apply another layer of suntan lotion.

I’m planning now to hopefully start in the Spring of 2017. So wherever you are in the world, give me one place near to you that you would recommend someone to visit and tell me why.

You never know, I may just head a little further afield and drop by your recommended place.


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