Trump run off stage

I have tried to ignore the UK media coverage of the US Presidential Election. Frankly the media bias seems incredible here, which is strange because none of us can vote.

I awake this morning to find the news sites on fire about Donald Trump being run off stage by the Secret Service who were responding to a perceived gun threat in the audience. Take a look at the video below.

Now let’s keep in mind, it is easy to comment after an incident. It is easy to be an armchair expert, however, the reaction of the Secret Service does seem to have been a little slow.

No doubt footage from all available media will be being examined and scrutinised as part of the never ending improvement processes that exist, but the grey hair person who comes on from stage left, seems to hesitate in my opinion and it is only when he joined by a second agent on stage does the pair get their principal, Donald Trump moving. I can’t quite make out what is being said by the first agent on the stage and perhaps the lack of imperative in his speech led to the delay. It also seemed a little odd that the first agent came on from the left and exited to the left. A much quicker exit would have been achieved by exiting to the right, scooping up Donald Trump as the agent kept the momentum of the move going. Perhaps there was no exit to the right, or indeed the perceived threat could have been to the right hand side of the audience? This would force a return to the left. When the second agent arrives it is a very business-like “Go! Go!”

Now if you compare what happened with the assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan, one of the most studied and analysed incidents in protective service history, there is a very different level of response.

President Reagan was unceremoniously thrown into the back of the limousine by the nearest agent and the car driven away at speed to remove him from the threat. The agent in the grey suit, in between the President and threat, covers his Principal by using what parachutists call a stable spread. He maximises his body size to block any view of the President and in an incredible display of courage is shot. The agent directly behind him throws the President into the limousine and gets it away.

It has to be said that the US Secret Service is probably the best in the world at protecting people at this level.

I do wonder what the relationship is between a Presidential Candidate and the Secret Service though. Like any Principal who has a protection team, it is important for these rich and powerful people to understand a couple of things.

  • Firstly, protection team members are not servants. They are not there to fetch and carry. They have one task and only one task. That is to keep their Principal safe and alive.
  • Secondly the rich and powerful people who have protection teams need to understand that circumstances may occur where they have to obey the instructions of others without question. That sounds quite simple, yet it is something the rich and powerful can struggle to adapt to.

So spare a thought for those who put their lives on the line.

Let’s hope I can return to ignoring the US election until the result comes out and further rallies and meetings pass without incident.


Your thoughts?

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