Losing with good grace

OK, I think I may sound like an old duffer with this one but please bear with me.

Following the #Brexit referendum in the UK we had ridiculous, even outrageous demands, being made when people could not accept the majority wanted to leave the EU. This was also stoked up by the media here at the time who were clearly backing an opposing political agenda.

In my time I have worked on political campaigns, so I know that campaign workers will have just about reached the level of exhaustion by the time the election results come out. When I have received results in the past I have been fit for nothing other than a relatively long period of sleep.

Have the younger generation simply not been taught how to lose with good grace.

So when I see people reacting like in the video below, people who perhaps have not put their life and soul into campaigning, I find it deeply disturbing and it appears to be the younger generation who are more prone to this type of reaction.

Very early in my life I learned about losing. I was never particularly athletic, so tended to come in last for most of school years sporting events. We were taught that losing was not the end of the world. We were taught how to deal with the disappointment. We were taught how to conduct ourselves with dignity in defeat. We were taught that it was a sign of strong character to accept that defeat and congratulate the winner and resolve to do better next time.

Warning: there is some swearing in the video below. (It skips past a load of guff to 1:05)

The hysterical woman in the video at around 1:05 seems to think it is a good idea to go online and shout, swear and scream. She claims she is about to kill herself and  demands that you better fix this sh*t.

Now I have had some disappointments in my life, but nothing has made me react in this way, let alone video myself reacting and put it online.

This isn’t just about the US election. We saw similar reactions to the Brexit result here in the UK.

Has the age of the famous British Stiff Upper Lip simply passed?

Are we failing to equip our young with the skills to cope with the knocks life is bound to deal them?

P.S. Just for balance check out the documentary “You’ve Been Trumped”



Your thoughts?

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