Sing Lofty Boy

Whenever I hear the name Lofty it means only one thing to me, the character played by Don Estelle in the hit comedy series It aint half hot mum. Gunner Sugden was referred to as Lofty because of his lack of height, typical forces humour.

With the fantastic Windsor Davies, the pair had a huge hit with the song Whispering Grass.

The comedy series was based on a concert party of the British Army, giving performances in the Asian jungle to the troops.

The Sgt Major regarded the jungle very much as his jungle and would often be heard shouting phrases like “I will not have….. in my jungle“.

Of course, the comedy was very much of its time and would no doubt fall fowl of the politically correct broadcast gatekeepers we have today. But here that one word Lofty immediately brought back so many childhood memories for me.


Your thoughts?

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