Whitby Fish

It will be hotly argued around the town of Whitby, North Yorkshire, but for me Hadleys Fish Restaurant is the best place to eat.

Four generations of my family have eaten there and my first memory of the place (no pun intended) was being taken there whilst on a day-trip to Whitby with my grandparents.

Being a port town, you are pretty much guaranteed to get that ‘straight from the boat‘ taste anywhere you go but the service in Hadleys is swift, efficient and friendly as well. Even turning up as a lone diner, something other places regard as awkward, I was made welcome and given the table of my choice at the window. I like to watch the world go by when I’m there and being right on the corner, on the eastern side of the swing bridge, you get to see all the town’s life go by.

The staff are attentive, but do not rush you out of the door as soon as you are finished. However for me the key thing is the food is great quality and great value for money too.

I just wonder when we will be taking the fifth generation of my family there.


Your thoughts?

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