Another manic Monday

At least I wish it was. As another week starts, I cross another day off the calendar and this purgatory I find myself in continues.

Over the weekend the central heating boiler failed which as you may have guess is having an impact on life and my outlook. I’m now in a position where I have no hot running water and no heating in my home.

Needless to say, I am cold.

My fingers are struggling to do what my brain says as I type this.

I managed to rig up some emergency measures. I am only heating one room using a bottled gas heater. It is far from ideal but it is all I have. I cannot afford to get the central heating fixed until I find work and have had the ‘heat or eat‘ question taken away from me. I amazed to realise how much for granted I took central heating.

You never miss the water till the well runs dry.

The sheer luxury of being able to turn on a tap and have warm, comforting water emerge and evolve into water too hot to touch is just a memory for now.

The one saving grace amongst it all is that my shower is electrically powered, so at least I can keep myself washed and clean.

In the meantime I have to resort to multiple layers of clothing. On my torso, this works well, not so much on my legs and extremities like hands and feet. For the first time in over a decade I am wearing two pairs of socks indoors and also have retrieved my old slippers from the bottom of the wardrobe.

My life does seem to be on a downward spiral, but for now I am able to console myself by understanding that things could actually be a lot worse. A self induced reality check if you like. That’s what I keep telling myself and it is true. Life could be a lot worse.

So this morning, once again, I’m counting my blessings, even if they are decreasing in number and carry on my fight to find work.


Your thoughts?

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