The fall of the USA

I know some of my USA based readers will be upset by this post because they are striving hard to make changes for the better. To them I apologise, but after watching the video below I can’t help but get a sense of anticipation about the fall of the USA.

For nearly a decade I have maintained there is a huge mental health problem in the US. (Which we also have in the UK) Think of all those veterans coming back from the horrors of Iraq, Afghanistan and all the other places the west has collectively interfered in. A natural transition from military service to civvie street, is Policing. But combat operations are very different to providing Policing services to a community. War ravaged individuals, many of whom have PTSD, should not be handed a badge and a gun and told instead of conducting operations under a military framework, they now have to uphold the law, protect peoples’ rights and property. It simply does not work and I think that some people are seeing that happen in their communities.

These combat veterans have been broken and it is the duty of society to help them get their lives, including their mental health back to where it should be. So you may be surprised by me saying I do not believe they pose the biggest risk to the USA.

You may be even more surprised to hear me say I do not believe Trump or Clinton are the biggest risk to the USA.

So who poses the biggest risk to all that was great about the USA?

They call themselves, “Social Justice Warriors”.

They will use terms like “Triggered” and “Safe Spaces”.

They will cry and moan about how their feelings have been hurt by some random abstract concept and say how it isn’t “fair” and seem genuinely incapable of dealing with life.

Yet the worst is still to come.

These people seem to be the ones that inhabit universities across the US. They are meant to be able to form opinions by taking in a broad range of information and views. They are meant to be able to construct a robust argument, to intelligently engage with people of opposing points of view, to assert or defend their opinions.

Yet, time and again I am seeing videos of them crying like babies or using mob-rule to shutdown the opposition.

There’s a reason the Founding Fathers put the first amendment first.

Without the first amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America, all the others within the Bill of Rights disappear.

So let’s be clear about things, the enemies of the USA no longer have to engage in hostile activities because this generation of self-entitled Social Justice Warriors will bring the the country down for them.

You never hear a Social Justice Warrior complaining about things like homelessness, poverty or medical care services free at the point of need do you?

Now for the first time this week, I heard the term “Safe Space” used in relation to the UK. So it is spreading here unfortunately.

Thanks. Thanks for that. You used to export things like cars, Harley’s, guitars, cool stuff like that.

Oh and as racist jokes get mentioned in the video, before any Social Justice Warrior comes along and accuses me of being racist, here are some of the wisest words I have ever heard. Morgan Freeman talking to Mike Wallace.

And just prove that wasn’t an isolated stance, here he is again on CNN.

So what’s it to be USA? Are you going to continue down this Social Justice Warrior route until they are the generation running your country?

Or perhaps you could return to being the inventive, innovative, entrepreneurial country you used to be?

I suspect there is a large number of silent people who would like to see that and a number working towards that. It just takes the courage for them to go public and get the people around them to give them support.


2 thoughts on “The fall of the USA

  1. Excellent post. I wholeheartedly agree. Universities are THE place to have intellectual discourse where you learn to agree and disagree with other people’s viewpoints without “getting your feelings hurt”. The fact that a professor at Yale (Yale of all places!) allowed students to skip a mid-term because they couldn’t handle the election results does not bode well for this up and coming generation. I feel like I say this at least once a day lately, but this is what happens when everyone gets a trophy just for showing up.

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