This was weird

I’ve been really quiet on here these last few days as I was taking a little time out. However, something really weird happened to me last night which I cannot make sense of, cannot tell family or friends about, but I do need to write it out of my system.

So I’m trusting you.

Recently it has been really cold where I live, so I have taken to wearing a beanie hat in bed. (You’ve no idea how big a difference that makes until you try it.) As a result of wearing the hat, I unfold the edge and pull what would have been the turn-up down over my eyes. This makes a for a great blackout shield, without anything pressing on my eyes.

Also, due to one worry or another, I have had great problems in sleeping recently, so I have got into the habit of listening to audiobooks on my phone in bed before I go to sleep. I set the sleep timer to be 45 minutes and by the time the sound cuts off I am normally fast asleep. If I wake during the night, I will repeat this process. I will not name the author, but last night’s book was a crime mystery.

As I was listening my mind drifted and I began noticing the black. The lack of light caused by having the hat pulled down. Then I saw a bright white light come towards me.

It looked similar to the picture above. Now remember, all the time this was happening, my eyes remained closed and I could hear the audiobook playing.

Then the light disappeared as quickly as it had come.

I then saw head and shoulder faces which I assumed to be the various evolutionary stages of mankind, but it was simply the head and shoulders, no bodies were shown. There were three or four images before a modern looking human was shown. I do not know enough about the different stages to comment on which exactly I saw.

The next image that appeared was in the style of a copper etching.

Paula Modersohn-Becker Landschaft unter Bäumen
They were three altogether and the images seemed to cycle round three or four times with each displaying in turn. I remember thinking they all looked really beautiful.

One was a crowd of people who seemed to be celebrating and in the foreground was a man who looked like a king off a playing card.  His character moved and turned to the people celebrating, lifting his tankard aloft.

Then things got really weird.

I saw what I think was a forest, perhaps a jungle, but it was all through a dull, dark grey fog. Like someone had removed all the colour from a film, it was all shades of grey. Outlines of what I thought were trees or foliage were not clear but I could make out general shapes of things. A slightly lighter vertical band of grey moved across my view from right to left and at this point I got a really intense pain behind my right eyeball. Again the light vertical grey band moved across my view two or three times before stopping and my view returning to the foggy forest or jungle. I could see what I thought were heads and eyes looking at me from behind the foliage, but they were in dark grey areas of the picture so I could not make out any detail in terms of eyes, nose or mouth.

The monochrome forest disappeared and then I saw a rapid succession of diagrams that looked like hexagons, connected by dots and lines.

The diagrams were not all the same but the image changed so quickly I could not keep up with what I was seeing.

I can remember that where hexagons were connected, there were dots and lines as shown here.

Some of the hexagons were not complete and perhaps only had four or five of the six sides drawn in, but those sides followed what would have been the path if the hexagon were to be completed. The hexagon diagrams were all in black on a bright white background.

Finally I saw neon blue lines, similar to fork lightning, but not as angular. The lines were very smooth curves and went from the two thirds of the way up my image down to the bottom. This happened a couple of times before I opened my eyes and lifted my hat.

Throughout the whole experience I could hear the audiobook which I had restarted just before 3am and when I checked my phone at the end it was 3:21am.

At no point did I feel frightened or in danger. It has left me curious as to what it was all about, but not in an obsessive way.

The only discomfort was the pain in my right eye.

I have no idea if I was in some sort of dream-state between being awake and being asleep, but the content of the audiobook did not relate at all to what I was seeing.

The folded down hat was not pressing against my eyes. (If I close my eyes and press against an eyeball I can sometime see a circle or white lines.)

So I am really at a loss to explain what the whole thing was all about.

I just wanted to see what people thought and if anyone else had experienced something similar. Please let me know in the comments.


Your thoughts?

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