Faded Memories

One of the view places on earth I have really felt at home and relaxed amongst the people is the Highlands of Scotland and none more so than the village Plockton.

Plockton, population 378, was one of those places I had wanted to visit for so many years largely as a result of the TV series “Hamish MacBeth” being filmed there and in the surrounding area. The main character had the dream job I wanted when I was 18. A rural Police posting where the biggest problem people had was broken down cars. Travelling around the Highlands in a Police Land Rover, accompanied by a West Highland White Terrier. Perfect.

Sadly it never happened for me and the plan became a faded dream as life’s realities took hold.

When I finally made it there two decades later, I was surprised to see palm trees on Harbour Street, the front street on to Loch Carron. This was the Scottish coastline. Palm Trees were for Florida I thought, at the time anyway. The people there warm and welcoming even though I tried not to look or behave like a tourist.

Of course the real star of the show in the area is the land itself.

The spectacular view across Loch Carron is so typical of the region which seems to have breath-taking scenery regardless of which way you cast your eyes.

Ah. Happy, happy days.

I really must head back up there before too much longer.


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