Hooked X

Hooked X – I have a question

I have just watch an episode of America Unearthed (S1Ep11) on Netflix called “Tracking the Templars“.

The entire show was focused around a symbol referred to as the “Hooked X“. It is the same as a normal X, just with a prong added to the upper right leg, like the picture above.

Male and Female Symbology

Now in religious symbolism, I was told that Figure D represented the feminine. A cup, a womb, a chalice. Also, that Figure E represented the masculine. A sword, an obelisk, a penis.

Now during the show, the crew show footage of bone boxes at the supposed burial place of Jesus, listing several people, one of whom is described as Jesus’ son.

Hooked X comparisons

Now Looking at the picture above, Figures A & B are the Hooked X symbols we see inscribed. However look at Figure B. If the hook is meant to represent the off-spring of Jesus we see two feminine symbols on the Hooked X. One presumably representing Mary Magdalene and the other the child.

However, if Jesus had a son, surely the Hooked X should be used to represent to masculine symbols like in Figure C? Wouldn’t that be logical?

So if the Knights Templar were referring to the bloodline of Jesus, did he have a Son, or a Daughter?

Can anyone add anything to this? Or is it all just a load of nonsense? It is driving me mad.

Table with model ship

Hope you had a great Christmas

It’s 3:05am on Boxing Day in the UK as I start writing. My body-clock has no idea what timezone it is in so I am wide awake. Grr!

I just wanted to say I hope everyone had a special day yesterday, surrounded by their loved ones.

Me? Well my Christmas didn’t quite go to plan since the last time I wrote here, but all in all, I can’t complain. You play the cards life deals you as best you can don’t you?

However, I am now awake at an un-Godly hour, and I mean wide awake. So rather than fight and try to get back to sleep I am deciding what to do. I don’t want to disturb the neighbours, whilst not icy cold outside, it is by no means mild. In fact the wind sounds as though we’re going to be hit by another storm. All sensible people are tucked up in bed and I cannot imagine any businesses being open at this time on Boxing Day.

Boxing Day – the day after Christmas Day when gifts were traditionally given to tradespeople who made deliveries to homes.

So I intend to comply with that best of British stereotype. In times of confusion and crisis, put the kettle on and make some tea. There aren’t many problems in life that cannot be ruminated over and solved whilst sipping from a piping hot mug of tea. 🙂

Cold weather clothing

Oh joy. Dripping and spluttering.

I awoke this morning to the sound of breaking glass. It is recycling day and I think next door must have had a party or two, judging by the amount of glass that hit the inside of the wagon from their bin.

It had been a rough night for me. I felt really washed out so I was in bed for 10pm. That’s amazingly early compared to previous nights where I have struggled to find sleep. The next thing I knew was I awoke at 1am, shivering so badly that I was almost break-dancing.

My entire body ached. From the joints in my fingers, my neck and back, as well as my legs. All giving me a significant amount of pain. My throat was constricted, so breathing was a problem and my nose, my nose was flowing like a river.

By the time the glass shattered in the back of the bin wagon at 7am, I was burning up and my temperature was through the rood, despite feeling cold to the bones. I knew I needed to do something, so I dragged myself out of bed and along to the local pharmacy.

By the time I got there I was sweating like a racehorse, and after a quick consultation with the pharmacist, I had the medicine I needed. It wasn’t cheap, but then again medicine never is if you have to pay for it.

A queue of people in similar conditions began to form behind me, so I am pleased I made the effort to get there early. It seems there is a nasty cold bug going around and typically, I got lumbered with it.

The plan of action today is to stay at home. Continue the job search and keep wrapped up warm.

One thing I do not want to do is pass this bug on to relatives. I think that would be one present they would not thank me for.

Shopping Centre Crowd

Survivng Christmas – I think people are bonkers

Dear British public. I think you’re all bonkers. 🙂

The shops will be closed for one day. Just a day. A day when retail workers get to spend with their families. They don’t get much time off, so can we at least allow them to enjoy the run-up to Christmas?

I was getting some final bits and bobs for Sunday earlier and frankly you would think we have been invaded by a foreign power the way people were behaving.

I am sure I say this at this time every year, but come on folks let’s inject some reality into the situation.

There is no excuse for being rude or simply patronising someone, about something they have no control over.

I had to intervene when I saw one lady had a shop assistant in tears because she could not tell her the date and time a product would be in stock. She had spent a good amount of time telling the assistant how important she was and could not be expected to keep coming back to see if the product had arrived.

Once I had decided she had gone too far I had to step in. Let’s just say I would not have won any awards for gentlemanly conduct but I sent the vicious woman away from the assistant with a flea in her ear. The assistant thanked me whilst drying her eyes.

I told the assistant, “The next time someone does that to you, just smile politely. Imagine them sitting on the toilet. Remember, they are showing themselves up in public. Just think, money doesn’t buy class.

With the assistant smiling again, I left her to it, but could not help some how feeling aggrieved by the experience. I’m sure the woman was a legend in her own mind, but to berate a young woman in that manner simply is not acceptable at any time of year, never-mind Christmas.

Probably my favourite time in the Christmas break, (though I’m still looking for work) is Christmas Eve. Around 7pm. I traditionally use that time to sit in my chair with a good book. I have sold some of my possessions so I am going to treat myself. A glass or two of port to keep me warm, some cheese and biscuits, some Christmas Carols playing quietly in the background and loose myself for a few hours on some adventure.

I cannot recommend a book strongly enough, particularly if you live on your own at this time of year. It is easy to become or even feel isolated, downhearted and sad. So if you are not the type of person to read a book, or you simply do not get time to read, it is a good slot of time to do something different from your normal routine.

Of course the brilliant thing about books is, you do not have to buy them. Here in the UK, you can join your local public lending library for free. I have dipped into all sorts of subjects I would never consider buying simply because I could ‘give it a go‘ by borrowing a book.

Above all, don’t get stressed and worried about Christmas Day. If something goes wrong with the meal it is not the end of the world. If you are spending the day alone, then get stuck into that book or put the radio on for company. Or get the best of both worlds, borrow an audiobook from the library or buy one from Audible. With audiobooks you get the best of both worlds. A friendly voice to read to you so you don’t feel alone which can often allow forty winks after that meal.

Me? I’ll not be on my own on Christmas Day. I have been invited to spend the afternoon with relatives so pity me. I will be on washing up duty. 🙂

Relaxing in the woodland

Last week before Christmas and they tell me relax

Relax. It is probably one of the best things you can do at this time of year.

The last week before Christmas Day and everyone seems to be going mental out there.

Car parks are full.

Shops are chocka-block with people so you can’t get around them quickly. Talking of which, why do people either block 4ft of shelf space, or 75% of the aisle with their trolleys? They stand their in a daze, looking at the shelves, as if they haven’t seen most of the products before.

I have a theory about why men and women should never shop together. In fact, the first shop that has men only days and women only days I think will make a fortune. It is not that one is better than the other, it is just we have two different approaches to shopping.

Man Shopping

  • Make list.
  • Go to shop.
  • Get items on list.
  • Pay and get out.

Women Shopping

  • Don’t know why they are going to the shops, but it is that time of week so they must go. It’s the law!
  • Grab trolley from outside.
  • Stop at the front door of the shop ensuring they block access to other people.
  • Rummage in handbag (or purse for my US readers) for at least three minutes whilst preventing access.
  • Finally put handbag (or purse) in the trolley and take three steps forward. Then stop suddenly, ensuring everyone behind who has been kept waiting has to swerve round you like avoiding a deer on the road.
  • Gaze at all the pretty lights.
  • Take a random path through the shop looking at each shelf, whilst blocking the aisle or preventing others from taking items from your 4ft of shelf space, just in case it was something you want.
  • Decide you didn’t want anything from that shelf after all.
  • Change your mind. Go back to that shelf, ensuring the blockade is put back on.
  • Have a ten minute discussion with anyone who will listen about which of the brands is better and which of the sizes is better value for money.
  • Decide you didn’t really want it after all. Put item back on shelf in wrong place.
  • Move to other side of the aisle. Ensure aisle remains blocked by the trolley. Repeat previous five steps for next aisle.
  • Every third aisle, go back two aisles just in case you missed something.
  • Head for the checkout only when each aisle has been visited at least twice.
  • Pack shopping as it comes down the conveyor.
  • Be totally surprised you are actually asked to pay for the shopping.
  • Spend five minutes rummaging in handbag (purse in the US) for your purse (is that a ladies wallet in the US?)
  • Go back through the coupons you have saved for the last 18 months and hand them over to the checkout operator.
  • Act surprised when at least 40% of the coupons have expired or are for items you didn’t actually buy.
  • Force the checkout operator to ring for a supervisor to replace at least one product you didn’t mean to get.
  • Move bags to the trolley because amazingly, they won’t levitate to the car. Ensure checkout remains blocked while this done.
  • Spend three minutes returning purse (ladies wallet in US?) to handbag. (purse in US). Making sure at least another minute is spent fastening the handbag.
  • Walk two steps towards the exit then stop suddenly to re-arrange the bags in the trolley, making sure nobody can get past you to leave the store.
  • Leave store.
  • Work out where you parked the car.
  • Unload shopping into the car.
  • Do not return the trolley to the bay. Leave it in the next door parking space to stop someone else parking there.

Totally Different

See what I mean? Totally different and incompatible approaches.

That’s why, being a country boy, if I want to relax the week before Christmas, I’ll head to the woods and avoid the jungle of retail stores.


Old school book and nib pen

Returning old school

As some of you may have noticed, I have been a bit quiet on here lately. Sometimes you just have to take a break from doing things, even if you love doing them.

It has been five days since I last posted and my little hiatus was brought on by me not sleeping (still worrying about work!) and getting myself really run down to the point where my body just said “Enough!”


During my downtime I started some old school journaling. I didn’t have to write much. It didn’t have to make sense. I didn’t have to spell-check it, or consider too much what I said. It was a record of my life, for me, by me.

You know what? I found the whole experience really liberating. I had not realised how much I censor myself on this blog, until I started writing just for me. I suppose that shows the massive difference between writing and publishing.

Here we publish.

In my journal I write. I get to dump all my thoughts on the page and try and make some sort of sense out of it. If I can’t, it doesn’t matter. I can go back to it later, no harm done.

We keep being told in the UK we have ‘freedom of speech’. Total nonsense. We don’t. Try commenting the ‘wrong way’ on a subject on social media and the authorities will be round your place for an easy arrest.

In the USA, they have the Constitution. That old bit of paper that has rightly been a thorn in the side of Government since the day the ink dried on it.

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances”

First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America.

Wow. Look at the power in that one paragraph.

I suppose the founding fathers made that the first amendment because it was the most important one.

When you start to look at the other amendments that make up the US Bill of Rights, you realise how beautifully crafted the text was. Each amendment written to address a former grievance and to protect the people. No wonder it has caused such consternation to modern day politicians.

In my offline journal, handwritten using a fountain pen, I too can have my first amendment rights. That is simply something I just don’t have online.

When does it all begin?

I always used to be a strictly Christmas begins on the 24th and ends on the 26th December type person. I think it was a bit of a reaction to retailers thinking Christmas began in September.

When does Christmas start? It’s a bit of a conundrum.

However, this year, with too much time on my hands I have begun to think about and worry about, Christmas early. I worry about letting people down. It is an awful feeling to have to say “I know it’s not much, but this is all I have.”

Those who appreciate the real meaning of Christmas, or perhaps I should say the non-commercialised side of Christmas will understand. Others may not.

The soothing power of carols

As I continue to search for work at the keyboard, my music player was running in th background on the random playlist and “Once In Royal David’s City” came on.

Somehow it made a connection and I found it quite soothing despite my angst about the days ahead.

The haunting opening lines of the choir stopped me dead in my tracks and lifted some of the burden from my shoulders. Not all of it by any stretch of the imagination but some.

Perhaps I should play carols more often when the house is quiet and I am worrying about the future.

Oh well, I have more CVs to send out, so I’d best get them moving.