Echo of the Sixties

As I have now left Amazon Prime and Netflix I have started looking on YouTube for content.

Thankfully amongst all the narcissistic vlogs and videos of pets doing amusing things, there are some real gems out there.

I found a load of old films that provide an echo of times gone by. In many ways they were gentler times, but often harsher times than today. I tend to find the gritty films more down to earth, more representative of the time. Some of the films from the 1940s are clearly propaganda pieces made during the World War 2 period but if you take them with a pinch of salt they can be quite entertaining.

There are a number of films by Ken Loach, a director still making headlines in 2016, on the predictably named Ken Loach Films channel that may be viewed free of charge. Often covering darker subjects of the day and having a working class outlook.

The title of the video below “Three Clear Sundays” comes from the Home Office regulation at the time that there should be three clear Sundays between a convicted criminal being sentenced to hang, and the execution taking place. It boosted the abolitionist movement of the day and shaped public opinion. That’s the power these films had in their time. They were so much more than entertainment.


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