They’ve never been back

As readers here will know, I’m a sucker for an old film. There’s something special about black & white that adds atmosphere colour films can’t seem to replicate. Whether it’s my nostalgia on over-drive or not I’m not sure.

This morning I stumbled across the Gerry Anderson webstore which got me thinking about TV shows I used to watch when I was a child. One of my favourites, even if it did scare me a little as I was so young, was Space 1999. The series was based in the year 1999 and centred around the lives of the people who staffed Moon Base Alpha.

It was extremely futuristic for its day, but 17 years after this fictional series was set, I cannot help but wonder why there has not been the effort to construct a real base on the real moon.

Instead of having the International Space Station drifting around all over the place and risking being hit by space junk, surely it would make more sense to have a base at a permanent location? Plus wouldn’t the logistics of re-supplying any fixed base would be easier due to larger storage capacities?

When you think about the computing power available when the LEM first landed on the moon to that available today there is a huge difference. So I don’t think a lack of technology could be to blame. I also think a permanent base on the moon would provide a staging for smaller projects to explore both the moon and the stars beyond.

Perhaps it would even have a positive effect on people on Earth encouraging them to think beyond our own little planet and work together.

So my question for you (or perhaps NASA / ESA if they happen to look in) is why have we not been back to the moon? And why haven’t we built a base up there?


2 thoughts on “They’ve never been back

    1. Al

      I just think it makes sense. Kind of like having a sea port on earth to collect goods from loads of smaller trucks, which are all put together to go much further distances.
      It would also increase the number of people that could be accommodated, hence would become cheaper per person for running costs.
      Just a thought.


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