Get over it

The drudge

As you may know I am currently looking for work and have been for a little while now. Some days are better than others, but Mondays seem to be the worst.

As other people trundle off to start their working week, I climb back aboard the treadmill that is the modern job search.

Every day is a ‘look for work’ day.

It doesn’t matter if it is Saturday or Sunday, I keep checking job listings and worrying that I will be out of work at Christmas. That’s not a pleasant experience for anyone.

As I have said before, I am not too proud to do any sort of work, but it seems employers have a real issue with people they think may be over-qualified for a role. I would politely say to them that if I was not interested in the role I would not apply for it. To me that seems like common sense, but it seems I am failing in getting that point across.

The good

I have decided on changing my approach to job hunting. What’s the old saying “if you always do what you always did, you will get what you always got“? Recognising a need to change tactics was only the first step.

Like one of those “Keep calm and carry on” posters that has had too much coffee, (I’m normally a tea drinker) I’m fired up with lists and actions that must be completed in priority order.

That hurdle of telling myself to “Get over it and crack on” is now behind me and I have CRM’d up. Organised. Tooled up. Systemised. Proceduralised.

So whilst those who are employed may be thinking more about their office parties than filling that vacancy I would say to them, pin back your lugholes and prepare for me to market the hell of ouf myself until I get the role I want.

There are three definites in life; death, taxes and me getting on staff with a vibrant organisation.

Check out my skills page and remember, I don’t live or work in London, so I do not need London payscales to live a happy fulfilling life. I am also very open to remote working from home and have all the infrastructure in place to do that.


Your thoughts?

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