I am flipping freezing!

It’s cold. It’s very cold.

The picture above is how I feel in my house at the moment. I am so cold you would not believe. The central heating boiler has packed in and I am struggling to get enough warmth out of a portable gas heater.

In fact it is so cold I am also using a camping lantern as a heat source, though I’m not too keen on the paraffin it is burning.

But this is the situation I now find myself in and as ever, I just have to deal with it. I can’t get the boiler fixed until I find work, so fingers crossed (presuming they don’t snap off in the cold) that won’t be for too much longer.

The good news?

The weather forecast says it will be warmer tomorrow. Hurrah!

A lot warmer in fact so I just have to concentrate on getting through tonight. That means layering up. I dare not answer the door with all the layers I have got on as I look like the Michelin Man. However, the one area where my cunning plan has not quite worked in my fingers and hands. I can double-sock and slipper my feet, but I can’t find my fingerless gloves. Typing with gloves on is really a non-starter, so I was hoping to find my old fingerless gloves to at least cover my hands but still allow the tactile feel of the keyboard. I’m sure they’ll turn up during the Summer when I don’t need them. Shall we just say lesson learned on that front?

Anyway, back to the job application form I was filling in.

Oh yes. Us Brits fill forms in.

Only Americans fill forms out. 😉


Your thoughts?

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