Somebody has sold my phone number on

I just had a scam phone call asking me if I had been in a road traffic accident in the last two years.

Now, let me say upfront I am very careful about who I give me private telephone numbers to. However, since I started looking for work, the number of cold calls I get has skyrocketed and I suspect recruitment websites or agencies of selling the numbers on.

Prior to looking for work my numbers were registered with the Telephone Preference Service and I simply did not get cold calls.

Normally I would launch into an act like the one Tom Mabe did in the video below. However, this one was a little different.

Red Flag 1

As usual there was a slight delay before the ‘person’ at the other end said anything.

Red Flag 2

Initially it was crackly and broke up quite a bit. I had to ask the person who spoke with impeccable English to repeat what they had said, so I think it is reasonable to suggest they were using an Internet Phone type service.

Red Flag 3

The person repeated what they said a couple of times. Only the repeated phrase was said with the exact same intonation and expression. I suspect someone was simply using buttons on a soundboard to collect information using pre-recorded phrases, so I decided to go off-script.

Red Flag 4

I started to ask questions back.

The actual questions I asked were ignored and the ‘person’ simply repeated what they had just asked.

After the third question remaining unanswered the other party disconnected the call.

I have yet to do the full Tom Mabe routine, but as my numbers are TPS registered, there will be fines to be paid if I track down how my number was passed on.

Meanwhile, enjoy the video. I’m sure you will have a laugh.


Your thoughts?

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