Missing in the city

This is probably my favourite type of place to live.

Lone house on a hillside

When I say things like that to people they ask questions like “Why, it is so remote?”, “Wouldn’t you be lonely?”, “What would you do without an internet connection?”.

Whilst they may have a point about the internet connection 🙂 to me this type of place is far from lonely. For me, I can be in a city like London, with population of over 8 million people and feel as though I have gone missing. City dwellers often cannot understand that, but feeling that level of disconnection from your environment is something I find crushing.

The picture above, to me at least is far from isolated. In fact that tree-line would be a veritable motorway for nature and wildlife. The cluster of trees to the left would be home to so many creatures as well as providing a source of fuel if managed correctly.

The moorland itself could be home to sheep or upland breeds of cattle or goats, whilst the track in the lower right hand corner of the picture would allow vehicular access even if only on a quad-bike or two wheels.

Then we get into the sounds that would all around. The whistle of the wind, the quiet patter of falling snow in the winter, the cry of birds as they soar on thermals during the warmer months.

What looks like a very quiet place is actually very busy, but not with man-made noise or activity. The power of nature can be admired, but above all should be respected as Mother Nature can be a very cruel mistress.

As human beings we do not own land. We merely act as stewards for those who are yet to come.

If we all did a bit more working with nature, rather than against it, wouldn’t the world be a so much better place?


3 thoughts on “Missing in the city

  1. It is amazing how a person can be lonely in the city. It takes active engagement to get into any environment. It is admirable that you see a life in the lone house out in the wilderness. Perhaps you should look for an outdoor position such as a grounds manager.


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