Tinker, Tailor

One of the simpler things still on my bucket list is to have a bespoke suit made. After a lifetime of making do with off the peg clothing, for a most definitely non-off the peg body, I can’t think of anything grander than having a smart looking suit that fits perfectly.

Off course this is still just a dream I can’t afford, but I can’t help but think why they are so expensive. Is it the general lack of demand? After all, suits are no longer the corporate and social uniform they once were.

Watching an old episode of “Whatever Happened to The Likely Lads?”, John Colliers, the tailors got a mention. They were originally called Fifty Shilling Tailors, presumably making suits for £2 10s 00p.

Another retailer was “March the Tailors” which had a rather snazzy jingle on its TV advert that stuck in my head.

However, bespoke these these days seems as though it is applied to just about anything that can come in a box from mugs, to whole fitted kitchens.

Funny how the world changes.


2 thoughts on “Tinker, Tailor

  1. Whenever I come across the word bespoke, I remember my grand father’s clothes. Each had to be handmade to measure because there was nothing off the shelf. I remember how fond he was of a ready-made sweater that someone got for him. Unthinkable now, isn’t it?


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