Will you spare a thought?

At this time of year the cold begins to bite and my thoughts often drift back to Christmas days gone by.

This year will be a tough one for me. Like so many others across the country my smiles will be forced because I cannot give my family the Christmas I think they deserve, but we will be thankful for who and what we have.

I find that music can be a sustaining force and the song that I always link to this time of year is an old Alan Hull ditty called “Winter Song“.

It is not a Christmas song, yet paradoxically, the lyrics convey more about the true spirit of Christmas and treating the less fortunate well, than any other song I have ever heard.

I know it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea when it comes to music, but if you can do one thing for me today, just hit the play button on the video below and listen and really think about those well crafted words.

Wouldn’t the world be a so much better place if we could all follow the philosophy the song sets out?

Let me know your thoughts.


Your thoughts?

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