When does it all begin?

I always used to be a strictly Christmas begins on the 24th and ends on the 26th December type person. I think it was a bit of a reaction to retailers thinking Christmas began in September.

When does Christmas start? It’s a bit of a conundrum.

However, this year, with too much time on my hands I have begun to think about and worry about, Christmas early. I worry about letting people down. It is an awful feeling to have to say “I know it’s not much, but this is all I have.”

Those who appreciate the real meaning of Christmas, or perhaps I should say the non-commercialised side of Christmas will understand. Others may not.

The soothing power of carols

As I continue to search for work at the keyboard, my music player was running in th background on the random playlist and “Once In Royal David’s City” came on.

Somehow it made a connection and I found it quite soothing despite my angst about the days ahead.

The haunting opening lines of the choir stopped me dead in my tracks and lifted some of the burden from my shoulders. Not all of it by any stretch of the imagination but some.

Perhaps I should play carols more often when the house is quiet and I am worrying about the future.

Oh well, I have more CVs to send out, so I’d best get them moving.


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