Survivng Christmas – I think people are bonkers

Dear British public. I think you’re all bonkers. 🙂

The shops will be closed for one day. Just a day. A day when retail workers get to spend with their families. They don’t get much time off, so can we at least allow them to enjoy the run-up to Christmas?

I was getting some final bits and bobs for Sunday earlier and frankly you would think we have been invaded by a foreign power the way people were behaving.

I am sure I say this at this time every year, but come on folks let’s inject some reality into the situation.

There is no excuse for being rude or simply patronising someone, about something they have no control over.

I had to intervene when I saw one lady had a shop assistant in tears because she could not tell her the date and time a product would be in stock. She had spent a good amount of time telling the assistant how important she was and could not be expected to keep coming back to see if the product had arrived.

Once I had decided she had gone too far I had to step in. Let’s just say I would not have won any awards for gentlemanly conduct but I sent the vicious woman away from the assistant with a flea in her ear. The assistant thanked me whilst drying her eyes.

I told the assistant, “The next time someone does that to you, just smile politely. Imagine them sitting on the toilet. Remember, they are showing themselves up in public. Just think, money doesn’t buy class.

With the assistant smiling again, I left her to it, but could not help some how feeling aggrieved by the experience. I’m sure the woman was a legend in her own mind, but to berate a young woman in that manner simply is not acceptable at any time of year, never-mind Christmas.

Probably my favourite time in the Christmas break, (though I’m still looking for work) is Christmas Eve. Around 7pm. I traditionally use that time to sit in my chair with a good book. I have sold some of my possessions so I am going to treat myself. A glass or two of port to keep me warm, some cheese and biscuits, some Christmas Carols playing quietly in the background and loose myself for a few hours on some adventure.

I cannot recommend a book strongly enough, particularly if you live on your own at this time of year. It is easy to become or even feel isolated, downhearted and sad. So if you are not the type of person to read a book, or you simply do not get time to read, it is a good slot of time to do something different from your normal routine.

Of course the brilliant thing about books is, you do not have to buy them. Here in the UK, you can join your local public lending library for free. I have dipped into all sorts of subjects I would never consider buying simply because I could ‘give it a go‘ by borrowing a book.

Above all, don’t get stressed and worried about Christmas Day. If something goes wrong with the meal it is not the end of the world. If you are spending the day alone, then get stuck into that book or put the radio on for company. Or get the best of both worlds, borrow an audiobook from the library or buy one from Audible. With audiobooks you get the best of both worlds. A friendly voice to read to you so you don’t feel alone which can often allow forty winks after that meal.

Me? I’ll not be on my own on Christmas Day. I have been invited to spend the afternoon with relatives so pity me. I will be on washing up duty. 🙂


Your thoughts?

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