Hope you had a great Christmas

It’s 3:05am on Boxing Day in the UK as I start writing. My body-clock has no idea what timezone it is in so I am wide awake. Grr!

I just wanted to say I hope everyone had a special day yesterday, surrounded by their loved ones.

Me? Well my Christmas didn’t quite go to plan since the last time I wrote here, but all in all, I can’t complain. You play the cards life deals you as best you can don’t you?

However, I am now awake at an un-Godly hour, and I mean wide awake. So rather than fight and try to get back to sleep I am deciding what to do. I don’t want to disturb the neighbours, whilst not icy cold outside, it is by no means mild. In fact the wind sounds as though we’re going to be hit by another storm. All sensible people are tucked up in bed and I cannot imagine any businesses being open at this time on Boxing Day.

Boxing Day – the day after Christmas Day when gifts were traditionally given to tradespeople who made deliveries to homes.

So I intend to comply with that best of British stereotype. In times of confusion and crisis, put the kettle on and make some tea. There aren’t many problems in life that cannot be ruminated over and solved whilst sipping from a piping hot mug of tea. 🙂


Your thoughts?

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