Hooked X – I have a question

I have just watch an episode of America Unearthed (S1Ep11) on Netflix called “Tracking the Templars“.

The entire show was focused around a symbol referred to as the “Hooked X“. It is the same as a normal X, just with a prong added to the upper right leg, like the picture above.

Male and Female Symbology

Now in religious symbolism, I was told that Figure D represented the feminine. A cup, a womb, a chalice. Also, that Figure E represented the masculine. A sword, an obelisk, a penis.

Now during the show, the crew show footage of bone boxes at the supposed burial place of Jesus, listing several people, one of whom is described as Jesus’ son.

Hooked X comparisons

Now Looking at the picture above, Figures A & B are the Hooked X symbols we see inscribed. However look at Figure B. If the hook is meant to represent the off-spring of Jesus we see two feminine symbols on the Hooked X. One presumably representing Mary Magdalene and the other the child.

However, if Jesus had a son, surely the Hooked X should be used to represent to masculine symbols like in Figure C? Wouldn’t that be logical?

So if the Knights Templar were referring to the bloodline of Jesus, did he have a Son, or a Daughter?

Can anyone add anything to this? Or is it all just a load of nonsense? It is driving me mad.


2 thoughts on “Hooked X – I have a question

  1. There is so much speculation about the templars and no one really knows for sure exactly who or what they were, just that they existed. The feminine cross was not for Mary Magdalene from what I understand, but for the feminine children of Jesus. Of course, the religious among us get totally upset when anyone speaks of his children. I asked, during a trip to Israel, about the possibility of Je\sus having been married or having progeny and the response was universal among the Jews….”of course, he was the perfect Jew and all male Jews married.” He supposedly had six or seven children, the females supposedly went with their mother to France (dunno what France was called in the 1st century) and passed along his message of love and peace. Genealogy was thru the females, not the males, so the cross would have been only for the female children. Hope that helps. (that little female genealogy is why I have a real hard time with that coming from the house of david thing with Jesus)


    1. Al

      Ah thanks for that Suze. I may not have been paying as much attention to the documentary as I should have.
      The response you got on your trip to Israel surprised me. I knew it was a ‘sensitive’ subject for some, but I assumed they would assert his ‘single’ status.
      Just goes to show, you live and learn each day.


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