I have to believe that someday…

I have to believe that someday I will again find gainful employment.

2016 was a real rollercoaster ride and 2017 has barely begun, but I fear the vacancies are simply not there, no matter how hard I try to find work.

Despite what all the books say, I am prepared to do any job and I also recognise if I change industries, I may need to restart on the bottom rung of the ladder.

That said optimism remains the key to opening doors. A cheery smile, a friendly handshake, both essential tools when networking. I am not a natural networker and do find it challenging, but I do regard it as my best bet in finding a match with an organisation.

In the meantime, I continue to do online courses to keep my mind occupied and my thoughts fresh.

I am also working on my second novel, but that is a little like a band’s difficult second album. Where the words flew from the keyboard when writing my first novel, it is like every word has to be ripped from me during my second.

My ultimate job? It would involve technology, creativity and some writing, but in order to keep paying the bills, I promise to give any employer 100% effort in any role I take up.

Now if I can just prevail on Madam Fate, to give me that lucky break it would be much appreciated. 🙂



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