I can’t quite remember when…

I can’t quite remember when I last received an invitation for coffee.

There’s nothing better than catching up with old friends over a mug of liquid stimulant 🙂 reliving the old times and plotting the new ones.

Where I live only has two cafés and with the greatest respect to their owners who I know work very hard, do not resemble the cafés you see on TV in places like New York City. It seems the café culture has yet to reach our cold climate. Multiple layers of jumpers and socks, with lined boots, really do not go anywhere near the TV stereotype.

At least that is what I am hoping is the cause for social invites drying up.

When I am looking for work, sometimes I feel like a non-person. I am tough on myself and I do set high standards for my life. It leads me to spend time beating myself up over something, only to be told I am being too harsh and to ‘get a grip‘. I wonder if other people do that?

It is easy to make it through life not having any standards. Doing things the right way and being a decent person, well, that makes things a little harder.



Your thoughts?

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