Welcome to Trumpton

There’s a new guy in town. Sadly he is not joining Pugh, Pugh, Barney McGrew, Cuthbert, Dibble or Grubb.

It is inauguration day in the USA and frankly, there is a significant proportion of the population over there that are not portraying their land in a good light.

Whilst the media here in the UK seems to be making out that it is the biggest event since the assassination of JFK, I have, as they say in the southern states, ‘No dog in that hunt‘.

What I find hard to believe is the number of people who are whining about the result of a democratic process that has been in operation since the founding fathers kicked out the English.

You could argue that the process is flawed in so much as the person with the most money to throw at a campaign would inevitably win because they could afford more commercials, more billboards, more newspaper adverts. How do you get around that? Set a limit.

We have limits to political campaign spending here in the UK and while I wouldn’t suggest our system is perfect, there is a certain degree of levelling imposed by that limit.

The other thing I would remove from the US electoral system would be the electronic voting and tabulation machines. Here in the UK, we have paper ballots. Very low tech you may think. However, when the votes are counted, the candidates, as well as their appointed team can wander the floor of the count and scrutinise the ballot papers. In an electronic system, you put the entire integrity of the vote in the hands of a software company. Candidates cannot reverse engineer the code to ensure fair play.

However, the people of the USA are where they are.

While the First Amendment to the Consitution of the United States of America does remain in place, whinging on about the result will achieve nothing.

Just let that sink in. It will change nothing.

As the old saying goes:

Keep calm and carry on

Trust me, you will feel a lot better for it.


Your thoughts?

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