It doesn’t exist – it died out a while ago

Some people think it still exists. They faithfully draw their curtains closed each night before they go to sleep. In truth, privacy died long ago.

Switch on a computer, you are monitored. Send an email, it gets intercepted. Visit a website, the address is recorded. Make a phone call, the audio is recorded. Send a text all the details are captured as well.

Even just talking in your own front room can be recorded with hi-tech microphones aimed at the glass in your windows.

Head out in your car, a camera will photograph your number plate and put a date and time on your record at that location. Head out on foot in a major city and you will probably be picked up by facial recognition software.

And for the most part, we have to pay more tax to finance the entire infrastructure to capture and store all this data.

Is this state-run dragnet of any use? Is it effective?

Those in positions to know, but outside the hierarchy say not.

So why do we keep on paying for it?

The old ways are best.

I have long since maintained the old ways are best. The simple act of writing a letter can be more secure than online communication. That sounds ridiculous but apparently, it is true. If you write that letter encoding your language, it becomes even more so.

It’s a crazy old world, but privacy, like the dodo, is extinct.


9 thoughts on “It doesn’t exist – it died out a while ago

  1. Genie

    Mail is opened these days, I just received a hand written letter from America, and the border NSA or whoever they are, had opened the letter. How invasive, and sad too, it was a letter about my Granma dying, it had her funeral information.
    Outragios, not even a hand written letter is private anymore.
    Good post.

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    1. Al

      Sorry to hear about your grandma.

      I love receiving hand written letters. So personal when someone puts effort in like that.

      Didn’t the 4th Amendment apply to your letter? Did they say why it was opened?

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      1. Genie

        Thank you for your condolences.
        All mail coming into Canada from the USA is opened.
        ‘Patriot Act’.
        Yes, it’s a violation of the 4th Amendment, but the entire Patriot Act is a violation of human rights and freedoms.

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  2. Genie

    I’m sorry to inform you that Canada is not an allied country, Canada is the 51st State. 😉

    The evidence is that when America made the ‘Patriot Act’ law, so did Canada,
    That, along with the fact that Canada has made deals with the USA for selling water, the USA has water rights before Canada does over Canadian water, two of many examples as to why Canada is the 51st State.
    Too bad we didn’t get any warm weather land, though!

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    1. Genie

      I hope that you understand that I was being sarcastic. Many Canadians joke about Canada being the 51st State and not even getting any good weather land out of the deal, I suppose it’s due to our frustration over loosing our autonomy.
      But then, America is the same: Corporations own America, bankers, to be exact.
      However, it still applies! 😉 Canada never got any warm weather land out of the deal. 😉

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