Imagine if…

One of my favourite John Lennon songs is Imagine. It is such an optimistic song and whilst there are some things John imagines in his lyrics I’d not be keen on, it does open your mind up to thinking.

Imagine if… It is a powerful way to start a sentence. It wipes out all barriers ahead and starts off with a clean sheet.

With all the politics that have been floating around cyberspace recently, a thought came to me a couple of days ago.

Imagine if it was unlawful for public sector servants to lie to the public.

That is a pretty radical thing to say in the world we live in today.

Imagine if we couldn’t be lied to about nuclear missiles.

Imagine if we couldn’t be lied to about how our tax money is spent.

Imagine if we could find out about hidden technologies that would free us from the petro-chemical dependency our society has.

Imagine if we could get documents under the Freedom of Information Act that were not riddles with redactions.

With that one, single sentence, making it unlawful for the public to be told the truth by public sector servants; politicians, police, armed forces, councils, we could achieve a true system over oversight.

What kind of world would we live in then?


Your thoughts?

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