Crawling out from under a rock

Some of you may have noticed I have been a little quiet on here over the last couple of days or so.

In truth, I’ve been feeling really downhearted. I had nothing positive to say and did not want to burden the world by moaning on here.

Things have not been going too well on the job search front and I had got myself into a little bit of a state, thinking I was of no use to anyone and that I’ll never find work again.

It all turns on an email

I got a very polite rejection email last night. Someone actually put the time in to say thank you for your interest, but on this occasion, you have not been successful. Now years ago, a rejection email would have been cause for consternation, but oddly, the fact that someone had taken the time to write a personalised email to me lifted my spirits.What a paradox! How could a rejection have a positive effect?

For months now I have been applying for jobs, sending off CVs and simply not hearing anything back. Since the new year, I have dropped my salary expectations significantly. It is getting to the stage where any work is better than no work. That wall of silence from potential employers has a cumulative effect of negativity.

Now the email  I received may well have been automatically generated. Some of the content of it suggested it wasn’t, but even it was, it has left me with a very positive sense of that employer. In short, I believe that they care about people. Not just their own people, but people in general.

That was sufficient to give me a lift and drag me out of my dip in spirits.

So perhaps that old saying is true after all? In every negative there is something positive. You just have to seek it out.



2 thoughts on “Crawling out from under a rock

    1. Al

      I’ve looked at that but struggling to see any vacancies within a commutable distance unfortunately. I’m on job listings every single day, so if something comes up I’ll be on it!

      Liked by 1 person

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