Nothing like a mug of tea

It’s another cold day here and I am trying not to use too much gas in the heater.

That means one thing. I am drinking tea by the gallon.

For my USA based readers, I’m talking hot tea and my favourite brand is Yorkshire Tea. In fact, if I can possibly arrange it, it is the only brand of tea I ever drink. In my daily carry bag, I normally have three or four tea bags in a plastic resealable bag. It means I never get caught out.

Now tea is one of those things that people can get awfully fussy about.

Some people say only use loose leaf tea in a pot. Others use a pot with tea bags. Some pour the milk in the cup first others add it to the cup after the tea. However, each and every one of them will tell you their way is the right way. 🙂


I am a teabag straight in the mug. Pour on the water, though it must not be boiling at this point. Watch the lovely dark brown infusion filter through the bag. I always use a mug that is white inside so I can tell when it is the right strength. I may give the bag a dunk or two to help it along. Only when the tea is at the perfect strength is the bag removed and the milk added.

See what I mean? I’m not picky about anything else in the kitchen other than tea.

However, when I am drinking a lot of tea, I do miss a teapot. Perhaps I’ll add to the list of things to get when I have the money again.

Right, well I have just noticed my mug is empty so it’s time for another ‘proper brew’.


Your thoughts?

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