Brave New World

Since when did left wing violence become the replacement for debate?

When did people stop being able to agree to differ?

The video below shows a protest turning into civil disorder, with a vehicle being damaged and damage to windows of businesses.

The first thing I want to say is I think the Police showed a remarkable level of restraint with this crowd. If the country they were in, was indeed guilty of what they accuse it of, they would have been treated so very differently.

Perhaps they should check out the story of Victor Jara from Chile.

Secondly, let me make it clear I am neither a Trump nor a Hillary supporter. Neither of them was competing to be my President because I am not a citizen of the USA. However, the election was conducted according to the laws that have governed previous Presidential Elections. Whinging because the result didn’t go the way you wanted to shows a lack of intellect and a lack of maturity and will change nothing.

As the USA is a Constitutional Republic, there are ways of holding power to account. They do not produce results quickly, but I am led to believe they do work given the time and the effort.

To change society also requires dialogue. Think of the long difficult journey the Northern Ireland Peace Agreement talks had to go through. Difficult situations had to be confronted and dealt with. Violence had to be abandoned. Was it worth it to end thirty years of all-out civil war in the province? The people from there will tell you their answer if you ask, not having car bombs going off or people shot in the streets would give you a fair clue.

So why? Why is it that this crowd cannot see the need for dialogue beats the instant though short lasting gratification of violence?

Have the younger American generations just been taught to think if you don’t get your own way, someone will give in if you just have a tantrum? That if you cry like a baby when you don’t get your own way, someone will come along and make it better? Or is it because the rumours that appear to circulate online of paid protesters are true?

If they were paid to protest, who is bankrolling them? As the old investigative adage goes, “follow the money trail“.

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi brought down the British Empire without resorting to violence because he was determined never to give in and had right on his side. If he could do that, a few protesters don’t really need to be smashing up a vehicle or windows. They just need to be committed to their cause.

The question, are they?


Your thoughts?

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