Brexit gets started at last

Whichever way you voted in the Referendum in June of last year, there is no doubt, Brexit is coming.  After the House of Commons vote last night, it has to be said that some MPs did their duty and despite personally wanting to remain in the European Union, they represented the people and voted in favour of the exit process. If your MP was one of those who did so, please send them your thanks and congratulations.

However, this leaves us with 114 MPs who think their personal opinions are more important than the will of the people. These MPs have condemned themselves by their own actions, as putting their own personal interests and beliefs, ahead of those of the people of the United Kingdom. In effect, they have declared war on the people by breaking the representative democracy they purport to be a part of.

Is your MP one of the 114 who voted against the people of the United Kingdom?

The only way for any of these 114 MPs to regain any legitimacy whatsoever is for them to resign from the House of Commons and face by-elections to allow the electorate in their constituency to either support them or remove them from office.

The vote last night was not based on arguments in the media, pubs or our local communities. The referendum gave a clear instruction to the Government to remove the country from the European Union.

Now the Re-moaners will try to tell you, the vote was so close. Yet, if a councillor or MP wins an election by a single vote, the result still stands. The losing side does not get to say re-run the election because we didn’t like the result.

It is as ridiculous as athletes at the Olympics saying, “we need to re-run the race because there was only a tenth of a second between first and second“.

The Government needs to move on with the exit process and move on quickly. There have been six months of messing around since the referendum with no progress made.


Your thoughts?

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