Slipped back into my old ways

I’m not really sure how or when it happened, but late last night I realised I had slipped back into my old ways.

I had returned to hoover up more news than the NSA. (Hello guys!) My lifestyle which I had managed to remove as much technology from as I had dared, had simply drifted back into that always connected, multi-platform, social media nonsense, RSS readers scanning up to fifty news sites a day.

The result? Information overload.

I ended up spending far more time at a keyboard than was healthy, missing out on social activity in the real world once again.

For me, it doesn’t matter what is happening in Moldova. It is very important to the people who live there obviously, but for me, not so much. So why was I wasting time reading all about the goings on there? Habit. Nothing more than it had become a habit.

This morning I have had another purge of my online activity and also installed a program that will block my access to the internet for a specified period of time.

That should see me through the early days of withdrawal from my information junkie mode.

Right, I’m off outside to interact with real people.

Enjoy your day folks.


Your thoughts?

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