I always wanted to learn a craft

I always wanted to learn a craft. Having had time to think over the weekend, I would have loved to have become a joiner. A proper old-school joiner who worked with hand tools.

I think it is mainly down the to the materials they work with. Wood, unlike say, metal or plastic, is a living material. The grain of the wood can either work for or against you. Plus when you get into wax polishes and stains, you can make two pieces which are physically identical look completely different.

Whilst the TV show I remember from a few years back were all focused on making a house over in the shortest possible time, real craftsmen take their time over their creations. I am sure they have a commercially viable timescale in mind, the quality of the finished piece is what is important to them.

So I am going to look out for woodworking classes. I am not even sure if such things exist anymore, but until I find a course, YouTube will have to fill the gap.

I will never have a workshop the size of this guy below, but I do like the way he explains what needs to be done.


8 thoughts on “I always wanted to learn a craft

    1. Al

      I think it must be my affinity for being in the woods and forests. I’m not thinking about doing construction work, more making or restoring furniture and perhaps turning a few bowls etc. so I think I’m fairly safe from splinters.

      Oh no! I’ve said it now.

      You just know what is going to happen don’t you? 🙂

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