Bring back the style

Over recent weeks there has been a lot of publicity regarding self-driving cars. Personally, I like driving. No, I don’t have a new car, in fact, it was built in 2003, but I do enjoy a drive.

Cadillac Coupe de Ville, Weston Park Transport Show 2015 (16763492833)
By Jonathan Stonehouse (Weston Park Transport Show 2015) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
 It certainly doesn’t have the style of the cars of the 1950s with their huge rear fins. We could move away from the current choices of small, medium and large bland designs and go back to a bit of style!

So for me, self-driving cars would take away that pleasure, especially if there was a mad law that meant private ownership of non-self-driving motor cars was banned.

Plus if you are talking public safety, I would like to know the statistics on how many times a human crashes compared to how many times a computer crashes. If you are a passenger doing 70mph down the motorway, the last thing you want to see appear is a blue screen of death reporting a memory exception error. 🙂

Self-driving cars, fine in theory but I hope they wait until I am no longer around.



Your thoughts?

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