Haughty Hoots

As I write, I am listening to the sound of an owl hooting. The fact that this normally nocturnal creature is active and hooting away in daylight has not seemed to have bothered the little fellow at all.

He’s chirruping away for all he is worth and while initially, it distracted me, it seems to have a soothing effect over time.

I received some bad news on the job front yesterday. Another rejection for a job I really wanted and thought I could be good at. The recruiter phoned to tell me I had not got it which was a courtesy in itself, but the only way to take bad news is on the chin, and then move on quickly.

Back in the day, Wednesdays always used to be a good day for job ads. It was that time of the week when people perused the listenings. They were not thinking about the weekend coming, or the weekend just gone. “Hump day” as it seems to be known here now, is in the middle of the week. Once you have got over that, you’ve have got over the hump of the week and start to look forward to the weekend.

Isn’t it awful we wish our lives away like that?

Each day I check around fifty or so websites for job listings in my area. It has been slim pickings so far this year that is why I try to make every application really count. So when a rejection comes in, publicly I will front it out, by inside I take it kind of personally. I know I shouldn’t, but I do.

So today is all about kicking myself up the backside for motivation, putting on a brave face like my friend outside the owl. Then getting right back into tweaking my CV and trying to find more vacancies to go after.


Your thoughts?

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