One of those days

I got my hair cut last Thursday. You probably think there’s no story to tell about that as it happens to people every single day of the week, doesn’t it?

I thought I was happy with things. I had let it grow a bit so it was quite long when I went to my friend’s barber shop. He did his usual routine about teasing me for leaving so long between cuts, but I’m still looking for work, so every penny counts.

I had an interview on Friday so wanted to look my best. Now I am not one of those people who is into all those beauty products. Just a basic soap and shampoo sort of a guy. Old school if you like. If you don’t like, old fashioned then.

Kim Jong-Un Sketch
By Monico Chavez [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Anyway, I have been out this morning handing out a couple of CVs to potential employers, trying my best to do a little cold calling and trying to drum up some work.

I was walking past a glass fronted office when I saw my reflection in the one-way glass. I got the shock of my life.

I have the back and sides very short, but my hair had reached the length (in that short time) of not sitting flat on the top of my head and was sticking out at a funny angle.

I had to laugh at myself. I immediately thought of the haircuts of a North Korean dictator, famous for terrible haircuts.

The situation was resolved when I got home with a quick hit of water and the liberal use of the comb.

It’s the small things in life eh?


Your thoughts?

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