Blocked arteries

It was only when I started thinking about places to go that would make good photographs that it occurred to me that all of the seaports withing driving distance are in private ownership.

They all tend to be surrounded by high walls or fences and completely destroy the prospect of getting any good photographs of ship or shipping.

What a daft idea?

Why would a nation who built an empire on which the sun never set, sell off their ports to private companies?

When I started looking into this it only got worse. It seems, not only have the ports all been sold to private interests, but the companies who own and operate the ports are all in foreign hands.

As if privatising critical infrastructure was bad enough, we could see a point in the future where charges are increased in our ports by the foreign owners to favour ports elsewhere.

As an island nation seaports are a natural choke point in our trading capacity. Any slowdowns in port could have an almost immediate impact on goods in our high street stores. This could not only affect our exports but also our imports of food.

Those who lived through World War 2 and rationing during its aftermath will no doubt remember the “Dig for Victory” campaign, where people from every home were encouraged to grow as much of their food as possible. We cannot allow our country to return to that.

We cannot allow our country to return to that at the hands of foreign company executives.


Your thoughts?

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