Time to get hot and sweaty

For years, whatever computer I owned at the time was like my baby. If it was a laptop, it probably went just about everywhere with me. Now? Not so much.

I am finding as the years roll by, computers, and the work I did with them has become a commodity to be bought and sold to the lowest bidder.

Moving away from technology

The object of my affection then became a madly expensive fountain pen that I bought during the good days. Its natural feel and superb glide over a quality paper didn’t improve my handwriting, but it felt comfortable. You could tell the piece of technology in that nib was of the highest quality.

Moving further away from technology

Today, I have shifted even further down the technology scale and used a pencil. You see, as I get older I realise that the skills I need to see out the rest of my life are not ones that can be learned overnight. I still believe, even in these dark days of austerity, there is a market out there for finely crafted products. Whether those products are prose, poetry or something more tangible made of wood.

Mastering the craft

To become a master craftsman takes a lifetime of training, practical experience, practice and self-criticism.

In reality, I have left it too late to achieve what I would consider master craftsman levels of ability, but I do believe I can acquire the skills, knowledge and equipment to be able to produce a good quality product.

A new chapter

To that end, I am considering the biggest career change of my life and embarking on a new challenge.

I will have to start slowly. I will be under-funded and every penny I spend will have to count, but if I can hold on to the vision, I may, just may be able to make it. It will just be baby steps at first. Doing things that others may feel are trivial, silly even. However, if I keep that final goal in mind I may just make it.

It is scary. Scary as anything because there is no “Plan B” at the moment. There is no safety net, no fallback position.

I cannot afford to fail, then again, I cannot afford not to try in the first place.


Your thoughts?

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