What’s the centre of your world?

The world really has gone mad. You would think actors would be used to reading lines, but reading lines from the wrong card at an awards ceremony seems to have dominated the UK news output today both at the BBC and Sky News websites.

So what is really happening in the world? What news is going unreported whilst the news headlines are full of this nonsense?

You have probably guessed Hollywood and the film industry as a whole is not the at the centre of my universe.

I do like a good film. I love a great film, but I am not the type to know what is coming out when and who stars in it. When I see news outlets, who don’t specialise purely in what had come to be called, “Entertainment News”, going mad with over the top content on this type of stuff I tend to roll my eyes and move on to another place fairly quickly. In the scheme of things, it simply isn’t that important.

I’m not a member of their religion but this type of thing is important in the world.

Finding low-cost ways of allowing people to keep warm in cold weather, that’s important.

The inventiveness and thought that goes into things like this should be what is leading on the nightly news bulletins, not who is wearing what frock.

These things can and do make a real difference to peoples’ lives.

So let’s try and keep the “celebrity” derived fluff on the niche websites for that?

That way I will never encounter it. 🙂



Your thoughts?

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