The killer that is self doubt

I feel trapped. Confidence is at an all-time and I have an overwhelming feeling of self-doubt. I am convinced that doubting my own abilities is holding me back now.

I know I am capable of so much more than I am achieving at the moment, but I just need that to be acknowledged by someone, someone who knows the effort that has gone in.

It doesn’t help, that much of what I am working on is mid to long term gain.

Once again I find myself in the realms of obsessive list writing and crossing each point off as they are achieved. It is the only way I can show convince myself that with all the hard work, I am making progress and it will benefit in the long term.

I’m off to do a MOOC now. Got to keep acquiring those new skills.


2 thoughts on “The killer that is self doubt

  1. Don’t give up! Goals that you set in life are worth working hard for and even though it may feel that you are not making much headway you still are moving forward. I don’t know exactly what you may be going through but anything worth having is worth working your tail off. I am going through a discovery phase in my life right now and doubt is a big obstacle right now for me as well. We just have to remove doubt from the driver’s seat and throw it in the back.

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