Motivate don’t ruminate

I’ve been really struggling lately. Times are hard and the wolf is creeping ever closer to the door.

There really are only two choices in my future:

  • Crumble and fall
  • Motivate and succeed

Having had a chance to ruminate on the quandary, it is plain enough to see the first of the two is not an option.

It is easy to say, but how do you motivate?

Where does that spark come from?

How do you ensure you wake up every morning and say “come on let’s get going”?

There is an old saying when comes to writing, “write what you know”. In essence, draw upon your life experiences in writing.

Writing is me. It is what I enjoy doing most. Sharing ideas. Having my ideas challenged, tested and moulded into fresh ideas. I love the discourse of debate, of people throwing curve-balls at me asking if I had considered this angle or that? It is all part of the process of writing.

Some people may only see it as a few words on the screen or a sheet of paper, but carefully crafted prose takes time and effort. There is a lot of work that goes into a completed article. It is a product of research or imagination.

When finished it is a product I can look proudly upon, just like the guy at the end of the car production lines admires the gleaming finish of a brand new car.

That is why I get frustrated when I see poor quality content on websites, though that frustration is coupled with motivation to improve the web.

The question is, how do you point out the inadequacies of web content, without causing offence that will result in a refusal to engage your services?

On that, I will need to ruminate further.


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